How to Create Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages for your Agency

Are you ready to have your agency on social media? Marketing via social has huge benefits. Almost 50% of web users look to social media when making a purchase, and three in five small business owners say they've gained new customers by using social media, according to Go-Gulf. Continue reading to learn how to get your agency on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How to make a Facebook fan page for your agency

In five easy steps, you can have your own agency Facebook Page to connect with existing and potential customers. Check out these preview photos to see how simple creating a Page really is. One more thing… You can't create a business page without having your own personal Facebook profile. If you don't have one, sign up here.

How to make a Twitter account for your agency

Creating a Twitter account for your agency is simple! Once you sign up and choose a username, Twitter will walk you through each step to help you setup your account. Click here to sign up for a Twitter account.

How to make a LinkedIn company page

Already on LinkedIn? Set up a Company Page for your agency in a snap to connect with business professionals who are looking for insurance. Check out this two minute demo on how to get started.

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