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Social Media Marketing Walk-Throughs and How-Tos

Need a little extra help with the ins-and-outs of social media? We’re here to answer all of your FAQs. Use these job aids and videos to learn how to share our content, schedule future Facebook posts, and more!


How to Share Posts with Grab-and-Go Content & Social Media Calendars

This is Social Media Suitcase 101. The Grab-and-Go Content and Social Media Calendar pages are filled with free, ready-to-go posts that you can share immediately. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to get started.

Scheduling Future Facebook Posts

Scheduling a post for a future date and time is one of Facebook’s handy built-in features. Instead of going to the Social Media Suitcase every day, you can schedule content to post days, weeks, or months in advance, all in one sitting!

Facebook Advertising: Boosting Posts

When creating a post, you have the ability to “boost” it with a little advertising spend to ensure it reaches more people. Boosting is a simple way to make sure your most important messages are seen by the audiences they’re intended for.

Job Aids

How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Agency

Not sure if Twitter is a good option for your agency? The only way to find out is to create an account and try it out!

How to Create an Instagram Business Account

What's one of the best social media platforms to share images and videos? Instagram! Follow the steps in this guide to get your business on Instagram.

Choosing Engaging Digital Imagery

Use this job aid as a guide to build a better brand image online with general tips and specific tips for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn®, Twitter and YouTube.

Getting Started with a New Social Media Page

If you're setting up a new social media account for your agency, follow these steps to ensure your profile is professional and effective in helping visitors learn more about you.

5 Ways to Improve Your SEO

Improving your SEO is as simple as being consistent, correcting technical errors, supplying valuable content, including links and using social media.

An Introduction to LinkedIn®

Not sure if LinkedIn is right for you or your agency? Check out this job aid and learn what LinkedIn is, who should join, why use it and how to create a personal profile and company page.

How to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Agency

YouTube is a great platform for sharing videos with your customers! Follow these steps to create a YouTube channel for your agency.

Effectively Using Co-Branded Videos from Foremost®

Foremost offers free co-branded videos on! If video isn’t typically included in your marketing mix, here are a few ideas on how to make the most of it.

Posting Grab-and-Go Content

Posting regularly boosts your agency’s visibility and credibility. This walkthrough will help you utilize our Grab-and-Go Content page to easily share new posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Scheduling Future Facebook Posts

Want to save time by scheduling your Facebook posts days, weeks, or months in advance? This walkthrough will take you through the process of utilizing this handy feature.

Scheduling Future Twitter and LinkedIn Posts

Did you know you can use Hootsuite® to schedule future posts on Twitter and LinkedIn? This walkthrough will teach you how to employ this time-saving resource!

Adding, Claiming and Updating Your Agency's Google Business Listing

Claiming your business listing on Google - and keeping it current - can sway consumers to see your agency as more reputable and reliable. Here's a guide to the basics of Google business listings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101

SEO is the increasing of web visibility and traffic through organic search engine results. This walkthrough explains how you can boost it and drive more traffic to your agency's website.

What to Know about Creating a Google Ad Campaign

Google Ads allow you to promote your business to the people near your agency. Learn how to create a Google ad Campaign with this walkthrough.

Adding, Claiming and Updating Your Agency’s Yelp® Listing

Claiming your listing will put you in control of managing the information, responding to reviews and messages, and much more. Follow these steps to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Digitally Connecting with Customers

There are many ways you can leverage technology and digital channels to connect with your customers. Try boosting your business with these ideas!

Taking Advantage of Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live videos are a fun way to get more engagement with your audience. Before you go live, read this walkthrough to learn the steps of filming and how to prepare. 

Creating Quality Smart Phone Videos

Create quality smart phone videos to help drive engagement on your social media platforms. The following tips will help you get started.

Creating an Agency Facebook Page

Facebook is the largest social network, which means it’s a great place to market your agency. If you don’t have an agency Facebook page, read this job aid to create one today!