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When gathering your financial, legal, contacts and other important documentation, be sure to store them properly. For more information on safeguarding critical documents, visit:

If you live in an area prone to wildfires, it may be beneficial to receive real-time national and local weather alerts, and pay attention to air quality. Learn more:

Unfortunately, disasters – like wildfires – happen, but you can prepare by creating a personal belongings inventory. In the event of a disaster, be sure to record these items to make the claims process much easier.

Do you have an emergency kit ready in case of a disaster? Remember to store your kit in an easily accessible location, make sure all family members know where it is, and check what’s in it at least once a year.

Create and practice a wildfire evacuation plan with each person and pet in your household. It’s important that everyone – including children – know what to do in the event of a wildfire. And be sure to inform your point of contact about your plan.

Although wildfires caused by lightning tend to be larger and burn more acreage, most wildfires are caused by humans. Here are tips on preventing wildfires and staying safe from the risk!

Studies show homes ignite due to the condition of the home and everything up to 200 feet from the foundation – which is referred to as the Home Ignition Zone. Follow these steps to make your Home Ignition Zone safer!

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), flying embers – which can be carried more than a mile through the wind – are the main cause of homes igniting in wildfires. Here's how you can protect your home:

Do you know how to make your home more resistant to wildfires? Start with your roof! Wood and shingle roofs are at a higher risk of being destroyed in a wildfire than other materials, such as metal, clay or tile – so, you may want to consider reroofing.

Do you live in a high-risk fire zone? Use this great resource for wildfire safety and preparedness.

There are plenty of ways to rebuild your credit, even when you’re starting low. Read about the best strategies to get that score up:

Should you get renters insurance? If you own expensive jewelry, electronics, or designer clothes and accessories, you may want to consider it!

Renting with pets can sometimes be tricky, especially because so many apartments and rental homes have strict rules. If you’re on the hunt for a new rental, here’s what you should look for to ensure you and your pet are comfortable!

Moving can be both exciting and stressful. To help the process go smoothly, use these time-saving hacks as you prepare to move into your new home!

Typically, you will get a reminder from your insurance company to renew your policy. However, you may want to review it before going with the same coverages, especially if you’ve had recent life changes. Here’s what you should know before you renew:

Filing taxes can be stressful — but you can eliminate some stress by getting ahead. Learn the steps you can take now to make tax filing easier this year.

When you shop for insurance, there are a lot of options. Here are five reasons why you should consider choosing an independent agent:

Something we all wish we learned in school — how to shop for insurance! Use this handy guide to learn the basics.

Each year, hundreds of Americans are injured from vehicle accidents on wintry roads, exposure to the cold, and fires caused by improper heater use. If you find yourself in a severe winter storm, take these precautions immediately:

Teaching your kids how to cook is important, and so is teaching them kitchen safety. Here is a safety guide you can print off and use to get started!

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors to work out! Here’s some ideas for how you can safely exercise outside.

Wildfires are fast-moving natural disasters, that can creep up on you without warning. With this year's wildfire season being particularly active, it’s best to know what to do before, during and after a wildfire.

Along with protecting ourselves against COVID-19, we should also take steps to prevent getting the flu this season. Follow these CDC recommendations to help stop the spread of germs:

Believe it or not, hunting is one of the safest sports out there - but only if you're aware of the rules and regulations. Learn how you can keep hunting trips safe for you and your surroundings before you enter the woods this fall:

Tactics for keeping your pet safe during the winter months will vary for each pet. While huskies can play in the snow for hours, other dogs need extra protection for their paws and skin. Keep your furry friends safe this winter with these tips:

Holiday travel is in full force, both on the road and in the air. If you’re one of the many people traveling, make sure to be prepared for any changes or delays, and always have a backup plan!

If you’re a hunter, you know it’s important to be aware of your surroundings, and to always keep your gun’s safety on while you’re walking. Watch this video for more important safety tips!

One thing you can do to make your home feel cozier is changing up your home décor. Here are some inexpensive ways you can brighten up your home this season:

Fall is here, and it’s important to prep your lawn as the temperature drops. Here are some projects you can take on that will make a serious difference come spring!

If you’re a pedestrian, you need to know the rules of the road just as much as someone driving a car or riding a bike. Learn proper pedestrian safety from the NHTSA before walking in your neighborhood.

Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween tradition, but it’s important to make safety a priority when you’re getting festive!

Nothing says fall like pumpkin carving, apple cider, donuts and hayrides! However, with a motorized vehicle comes safety risks. Keep yourself and your kids safe on hayrides by following these seven tips.

Nearly 48 million people become sick after eating food with harmful germs each year, and this includes germs on your fruits and vegetables! Learn how to properly clean your produce to avoid illness:

Not only is it important for you to know about emergency preparedness, but it’s important for your kids, too! This resource provides tools and information to help teach them what to do before, during and after disasters.

The second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death is falls. If you like taking on home improvement projects, take these extra precautions to avoid any accidents.

During the fall season, there are plenty of environmental factors to be aware of when it comes to caring for your pet. These include rodenticides, toxic mushrooms and even Halloween candy! Here’s how you can protect them.

Do you and others in your household know how to stay safe online? Learn these basic safety tips against phishing, dangerous online shopping and malware.

Herbs are a great addition to your garden because they can be used in a ton of recipes! Learn more about the different types of herbs you can grow and the care that’s involved:

If you’re new to the stock market, it can be a little intimidating. However, with the right resources and tools, you can be learn the ropes in no time! Learn more about investing in stocks with this beginner’s guide.

Going on a hike soon? Make sure you pack these 10 essential items before you head out!

The four steps to food safety are to clean, separate, cook and then chill. For more information on food poisoning prevention and other foodborne germs and illnesses, visit this link:

If you’re in the market for a golf cart — consider buying a used one! Here’s what to look for before making a purchase:

More buses will be on the roads soon (if they aren’t already!). Make sure you know what the lights on school buses stand for and how to react to them!

Before a hurricane – or any other natural disaster – strikes, remember to consider your pets in your emergency plan!

If you’re moving a golf cart from one place to another, chances are you’re using a trailer. If so, follow these steps to make the process go smoothly:

Going to bed earlier each night before school officially starts will help make the transition go smoothly. Here are six methods to try with your kids for a new school bedtime routine.

Is your RV ready for travel? Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

Be sure to carry these 12 essential items in your golf bag before hitting the course!

A tornado can happen anywhere in the U.S.! Follow these guidelines to know what to do before, during and after one hits.

Golf carts are used for many different purposes beyond traveling a golf course. Although they’re fun and easy to drive, they can be dangerous. Check out these safety tips to enjoy the ride and avoid injury.

Do you know what all of the different flashing lights on a school bus mean? Brush up on this info now because the new school year is right around the corner!

It's important to know exactly what to do before severe weather threatens your home and family. Making the right moves can save your life and the lives of those you love.

A nice evening by the glowing heat of a fire can be one of the most enjoyable parts of camping. Before you light that match, keep these safety tips top of mind!

When a hurricane is approaching your area, make sure to have a plan, gather emergency supplies, and get your family and pets ready in case you must evacuate. Read more preparation tips here:

School will start back up in the fall and it’s important that your child has the proper learning supplies. Follow this link for a list to get started:

It benefits the entire community when we make the safety of students our priority. Brush up on school bus safety!

Does your credit score impact your insurance premiums? The answer is “yes.” Here’s how your credit score and your insurance score go hand-in-hand:

Too many bugs can ruin a summer party quickly! Try these 10 ideas to bug-proof your yard before a gathering:

You may have heard the term “cryptocurrency” before but not really understand what it is. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods or services. Here are seven things to know about crypto:

If you own a moped, performing regular maintenance on it is important! Here’s a recommended schedule you can follow.

Thinking about buying a motor scooter? The savings on gas is one of the biggest benefits! Read this article for more:

Did you know: Nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans! Encourage responsible behavior and always check weather and drought conditions before engaging in any fire-related activity.

If you see a turtle trying to cross the street, consider these tips to safely move it in the same direction it was trying to go. They have a destination in mind, so it’s important to keep them on the same track!

Make the most of your summer by creating a fun bucket list! What activities do you have on your list?

If you’re planning a vacation and bringing your dog along, it’s important to make sure the hotel, restaurants, parks and other locations allow pets. Here’s how to plan a pet-friendly vacation:

Scooters are an efficient option to get from point A to B, but it’s important to share the road with other vehicles safely. Remember to use your turn signals, obey speed limits and turn on your lights while driving at night.

Camping is a fun summer outdoor activity, and if it’s your first time … you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared! Use this checklist while you’re packing:

During summer holidays, it’s important to remember fireworks safety. If you’re lighting fireworks yourself — always keep water nearby, maintain a safe distance and wear closed-toe shoes!

Do you know the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon? It all depends on which ocean the storm is above. Learn more:

Are you remembering to protect your skin this summer? Check out the Center for Disease Control’s website for information on sun safety

As the saying goes—your skin is your largest organ, so you better take care of it. If you are heading to the beach, always remember to keep reapplying your sunscreen... even if its cloudy outside!

One of the best things about summer is bonfires. If you agree, you may want to consider building a fire pit! Follow this link for step-by-step instructions to make the process go smoothly.

Start off summer right and keep these safety tips in mind before heading to the beach!

Pets get hot just like humans. And since they don’t sweat like humans, they can overheat a lot faster than we can. Keep these five tips at the top of your mind this summer!

It’s important to set aside time each week for workouts, and that includes cardio. Cardio exercise has many health benefits, including strengthening your heart and improving lung capacity. Here are some workouts you can do outside or inside (with the right equipment)!

It’s bonfire season! Make sure you follow these safety tips to avoid any accidents.

Hurricane season begins on June 1 and goes until November 30. Learn how to prepare your home and family for any storms that come your way.

Unlike other natural disasters, most wildfires are caused by people — and can be stopped by people too. Read how you can help prevent wildfires, and what to do if you get caught up in one.

Camping is even more fun when your canine companion comes along for the adventure! Learn how to make the most of camping trips with your dog.

You've got the life preservers, you've got everything on your emergency checklist, now it's time to protect your skin before you launch your boat on the water.

Some areas are prone to wildfire outbreaks. Be sure that you are prepared for a wildfire.

Planning on going camping this summer? Here are 10 extremely helpful yet easily forgettable items that you should remember to pack for your next trip.

It's hot out there! Protect the skin you're in with these year-round UV safety tips.

Feeling rusty on your fishing game? Learn how to set the drag on your reel with this helpful guide:

Don't be surprised if you see a bicyclist on the road! Brush up on these safety tips to avoid accidents:

We’re in year two of the pandemic, and it’s still important to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases. Keep practicing these habits to keep you and others safe:

Many people are opening their backyard pools for the summer season. If you need a quick refresher, here are the steps you need to take to open your pool correctly.

Summer is around the corner, and with warmer weather comes ticks. If your pet is susceptible to tick bites, always inspect them when they come inside and ask your vet for tick prevention medication.

During the hot summer months, take extra precautions if your pet is outside for long periods of time. Learn what the signs of a heatstroke are in pets, and how you can prevent it.

Taking your kids to the playground is always a fun pastime, but it’s important to teach them how to be safe and act responsibly while playing. Here are some easy rules to follow for the kids … and parents!

If you come across a downed power line, avoid touching it and call 911 right away! If a fallen power line touches your car, stay inside and call for help. Learn more:

Although summer isn’t here yet, you should always protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Wearing protective clothing or staying in the shade are simple steps you can take. Read on for more tips:

Now is a good time to plant any bulbs that pop up in the summer, such as dahlias and gladiolas. Make sure you have these tools before you get started!

As the temperatures warm up, you’ll probably spend more time outside with your pets. From allergies to poisonous plants, keep your pets safe with this helpful guide!

Going on a hike with your dog? Consider taking these items on your trip to make sure they stay happy and healthy.

Transporting flowers or plants from the store, a farm or a greenhouse can be difficult. Here are some tips to keep them intact while they’re in your vehicle:

If you're thinking about getting a puppy during the COVID-19 pandemic– make sure you’re ready! Here’s a list of ways to puppy-proof your home, and what to buy for your furry friend:

Indoor plants are great for making a house feel more tranquil and welcoming. If you own indoor plants, make sure they’re taken care of with these helpful tips:

First time taking your dog to the groomers? Read this Q & A with a grooming expert on what to expect, how often your pet should be groomed, and more!

Cooking with your kids is a fun activity, but it’s important to take some safety precautions. Be sure to wipe up your spills immediately, and to turn pot handles away from the front of the stove. To read more helpful tips, click here:

What do you do for poision prevention? If you want to get involved or spread awareness, share these resources with friends and family. It could potentially save a life!

Sitting in a chair for eight hours can cause pain in your shoulders, neck and back. While at your desk, try these stretches to help ease the strain.

Do you know the best types of wood for indoor fireplaces? Here’s what you can burn in a fireplace ... and what you should avoid!

If you sit behind a computer for most of the day, it’s important to take care of your posture! Here’s a how-to guide for office ergonomics:

Carbon Monoxide is often referred to as the "silent killer" because it is invisible, tasteless and odorless. Stay safe by installing a CO alarm in a central area of your home.

Keep these items in your Emergency Supply Kit so you're prepared if a disaster strikes!

One of the best parts about the holidays is all the yummy treats! These cookie recipes are great for the office, or if you need a last minute gift idea for a friend or neighbor:

It’s the first day of winter! Instead of avoiding the cold, embrace it with these fun outdoor activities!

Earthquakes come without much warning. Even if you don’t live in a high-risk area, you should still be prepared! Here’s what you can do:

When there’s a snow day, that doesn’t mean the kids need to stay inside and stare at their phones and TV screens. Try these fun activities that will encourage imagination and exercise!

Protecting their paws and keeping them warm are two cold weather safety tips for your pet. For more helpful insights, click here:

Here’s a few tips to keep your pets safe and warm during the cold weather months! Do you have a pet that loves playing in the snow? Share a photo!

Keep your pets safe during the holidays with these tips from ASPCA.

Not a fan of the cold? Check out these cold weather hacks from The Weather Channel. We were surprised by number 15!

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over! If you plan on drinking to celebrate the New Year, always have a designated driver or another safe and reliable way to get home

You don’t need to leave the house to celebrate the holidays! Here are some fun, socially-distanced activities you can enjoy right at home.

The holidays are an exciting time of the year for all members of the household, including your furry friends! Make sure to proof-pet your home this month to prevent any accidents:

Shoveling snow is a not a fun chore, but there are helpful techniques to reduce the risk of injury and shovel more effectively. Keep your paths clear and your body pain-free this winter with these tips!

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are some affordable ways to make your home look magical!

Picking out a real tree for the holidays is fun, but there are fire safety protocols to follow before you decorate it with lights and ornaments. Click the link to learn what steps you can take to prevent a home fire.

Cyber Monday is always a big hit, but it will likely be even more popular this year. Stay vigilant as you shop online today by following these precautions!

Whether you’re running in 50 degree weather or 30 degree weather, you need to dress the part! Keep your head and hands warm, wear a base layer and try these other tips.

Cold weather can kill motivation for exercising outside. Learn how to stay healthy during the winter season.

Keep your kids from boredom this holiday break with these fun activities that will keep their body and mind active this winter!

Getting ready to travel for the holidays? Keep these safety tips in mind!

Chilly mornings, perfect hiking weather, a cozy campfire and comfort food… all are a part of great fall camping! Here are the best places in the U.S. to pitch a tent when the leaves start to change.

It is not too late to think about a fall garden! Follow these suggestions to prepare these seasonal plants in your garden.

With cooler temperatures, the fall season is a great time to prepare your garden and lawn. Check out this to do list for fall gardening do's and dont's.

Pumpkins, pests and allergies, oh my! Prepare your furry friend for the fall season with these safety tips.

Most people consider allergies as a spring complication, but with any season change comes its irritants. Here's how experts say you can alleviate those symptoms and protect yourself this fall:

No matter how much you love someone, we can bet you don't want to share their cold. Boosting your immunity will help, and so will committing to cleanliness around the house.

Electrical problems are the main cause in nearly 35% of home holiday tree fires. Check out these tips to keep your family safe this holiday season.

It's called the common cold for a reason, but you don't want it sticking around longer than it has to. Remind yourself on how to speed up the recovery!

Many people are stuck inside of their homes right now, and it can get boring at times. This is a great opportunity to start a new hobby or maybe finish a puzzle you started a while back. Do you have any at-home activities that you’d recommend to others?

Getting ready to grill out? Keep these safety tips in mind before you get started!

Is your team working remotely? As a leader, remember to keep employee individualization in mind, set expectations early and clearly, communicate with your employees and support your managers.

Running out of groceries? To avoid close contact with people, maybe you could ask a family member or close friend to pick up groceries for you and leave them at your doorstep. Home delivery may even be an option depending on where you live!

Do you want to exercise in the comfort of your own home but don’t have workout equipment? No worries! Try going up and down the stairs a few times or follow online workout routines.

Want to try something new but you’re not sure what? You could pick up a cookbook or find new recipes online. If you’d like others to try your own recipes, you could share them digitally with friends!

Have you ever thought about picking up writing? Whether it be writing books, poems or starting a blog, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Do you know the symptoms of COVID-19? If you have a fever, cough and shortness of breath, and suspect you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you should call a doctor right away. Follow this link for a Coronavirus Self-Checker:

If you’ve started working at home recently or are spending more time on the computer, make sure you’re using the most ergonomic posture. This can strengthen your lower back, and improve the circulation in your body.

Times like these are stressful, so making sure your mental health is stable is just as important as your physical health. Calling a family member or close friend can help take your mind off of stressors and refocus your attention on the positives in life.

Are you at home feeling stressed and anxious? Take your mind off of things by meditating, stretching or exercising. It’s great for your mental and physical health!

According to the CDC, you should stay home if possible, wash your hands often, avoid close contact, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and avoid non-essential travel. Call your healthcare professional if you have any concerns about COVID-19.

Traveling to new destinations are exciting, but sometimes the travel involved to get there can be … less than thrilling. Here's a list of everything you'll want for smooth travels during your next getaway!

Whether you like to go hiking, horseback riding, dirt bike riding, snowmobiling, etc. - there is a trail for you!

Sometimes turtles need help crossing the road, here are some tips for helping these reptile friends!

The end of summer is getting closer, and pretty soon those warm and sunny days will be gone. Have you checked everything off your summer bucket list?

Insurance can be confusing... we get it! Learn more about what these common insurance terms mean so you can be prepared when looking for a policy with this helpful video!

Now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer! Here are some basic gardening tips you can implement in your routine this year:

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about outdoor home improvement projects. Be aware of outdoor hazards and know how to protect yourself to avoid any serious accidents!

During the winter, temperatures can drop under zero overnight, which means anything electronic in your car–like cellphones and laptops–can get ruined! Here are 5 items you shouldn’t leave in your car this winter:

When water freezes over in the winter, the ice can be used for activities like ice fishing and hockey. However, unless the ice is thick enough to hold your weight, there’s always the danger of falling through. Be prepared with these life-saving tips:

Experiencing a loss can be stressful, but having the right insurance coverage can help alleviate the financial burden. The first step is to file a claim with your insurance company.

Having friends over for the football game? Entertain your guests with these fun recipes that will keep them talking about it days after!

After the big meal, it’s Important to properly store your leftovers! Here’s how you can keep your leftovers fresh longer and save some tasty meals for after Thanksgiving.

Daylight saving time has come to an end, and it’s time to set your clock back an hour! Do you know why we do this?

Halloween is all fun and games for kids, but it can be a nightmare for parents. Here’s how you can make sure that trick-or-treat candy is safe to eat!

Are you fed up with your cell phone battery not lasting? Check out these simple tips and tricks to make your battery last longer.

Did you know that your phone emits a blue light which suppresses melatonin, making it harder for you to fall asleep? Start getting better sleep today with these tips!

Severe weather or unexpected mechanical issues can throw off a perfectly planned travel schedule and leave you stuck at the airport for hours. If you ever find yourself in this situation, here are several strategies for making your escape!

Making meals from your garden doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Check out these garden-fresh recipes that are great for entertaining!

Starting the new school year can be exciting, but for a parent – it can also be worrisome. Help your child (and yourself) stay calm and get prepared with these helpful tips!

Labor Day is typically known as the holiday that signals an end to summer. Be sure to have a fun and memorable weekend by keeping these safety tips in mind:

Stargazing is a fun summer activity for everyone – but there are some things you can do to see your favorite constellations better. Read these tips on how you can enhance your experience!

If you’re a parent, it’s hard to keep an eye on what your teens do 24/7, including what they do on social media. Make sure they aren’t putting their safety at risk by going over this helpful guide!

If you’re stuck on how to celebrate your graduate, here are some fun party ideas everyone will remember!

According to the AAFA, more than 6 million children under the age of 18 suffer from asthma. Here's how you can raise awareness in your community:

Trying to boost your brand on social media? Use this step-by-step guide to help you stand out from your competitors!

With spring here, make sure your pets stay clear from toxic cleaning projects or physical hazards.

Identity theft happens when someone uses your name and social security number to commit fraud, and it can happen to anyone.

If you feel someone you know may have been poisoned, call the Poison Help Line right away, and follow this checklist:

It’s essential to get at least seven hours of sleep a night to stay healthy. To make sure you’re getting a good night’s rest, try out these tips from the @MayoClinic.

Did you know: Every 60 seconds someone sustains a burn injury that’s serious enough to require treatment? Learn how you can prevent fire injuries with these resources from the @NFPA.

Stockpiling blankets in preparation for the cold? A space heater might do the trick just fine! Learn how to pick the best one.

With tax season in full force, make sure you are preparing your tax returns and taking the proper steps needed to get your refund. Remember, the IRS cannot process your return before mid-February!

If you experience a power outage, use flashlights instead of candles for emergency lighting! Here’s why:

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you can’t stay active! Get moving and follow these tips to prevent frostbite.

Consider these safety tips before putting your child on a roller coaster this summer!

Is your child on Snap Map? Find out what it is and how to turn off their location.

If you are packing your things up for college, you want the move to be as smooth as possible. Here are some ways you can minimize the stuff you'll be bringing, and how to maximize the space in your dorm!

If you’re hot inside of your car – so is your dog! Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn't leave your dog in the car.

Experts are saying that within 10 years, driverless cars will be the norm. Here’s how you can profit from it.

When disaster strikes, it's important to have access to help in a matter of seconds. Read about these smartphone apps that provide preparedness info, and emergency meeting locations.

There are several symptoms and treatments for hypothermia. For more information please visit this link:

Spring is around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer! Here are some basic gardening tips you can implement in your routine this year:

Half of all auto thefts can be prevented. Check out this video from the NHTSA to learn how to protect your vehicle.

'Oh my back!' An all-too-common phrase after a day of yard work. Before you start raking those leaves, read these quick tips.

Laundry is a never-ending struggle — make sure this chore isn't turning into a health hazard.

If you're planning on trick-or-treating, be sure to follow these tips for a safe Halloween!

More than half a million Americans experience a seasonal state of depression each year, specifically during the winter. If you are one of the many, make sure you know how to tackle it.

Make sure your pet's biggest worry is the decision between a cat chase or jumping in the leaves this fall!

If you've made fitness goals for yourself, the last thing you need is an injury — slow down a bit and stay safe so you can crush those goals for years to come.

Going green at home is often one of the first steps to a sustainable lifestyle. Make sure you know what sacrifices are necessary if you're interested in living in this new sustainable way.

As we gear up for winter, follow these precautions to help minimize the risk of house fires while heating your home.

Bicycles are no longer just for kids — understand the precautions you should take to ensure safety on your bike.

Cooler weather will be here before you know it. Here are seven safety tips to consider before you fire up the fireplace from last season. Stay toasty and safe!

Skip the carving tools and opt for a safer way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween!

Getting a call mentioning the fall of an elderly friend or family member can be scary. Make sure you discuss prevention with your loved ones before that call comes.

Making your home safer and healthier can be overwhelming. Try these simple tips to ease your mind and your budget.

Enjoy the fall season to it's fullest by keeping these safety tips in mind — from fire building and fall driving, to autumn boating and seasonal garden maintenance.

A new school year can be exciting, but it can also cause a bit of anxiety. Help your child get prepared!

You never fully appreciate the essentials for hiking until you really need them, but you should always be prepared!

When summer is in full swing, amusement parks get packed with thrill seekers of all ages. Learn how you can stay safe and makes the most of your experience!

Texting and driving is extremely dangerous. The fewer distracted drivers, the safer we all are on the road!

Why wait for a report card? Learn more about the benefits of open communication with your child's teacher.

Back to school shopping is expensive. Fortunately, these great ideas will help you shop smart & save money!

All students, parents and drivers should understand and practice school bus safety!

Get organized with this helpful list of things you can do to better prepare for the new school year!

Applying for college can be confusing and overwhelming. These tips can help you (or your child) complete college applications like a pro!

If you're hoping to attend college somewhere beyond the borders of your hometown, check out these tips!

During the school year, drivers need to exercise extra caution to ensure the roads are safe for on-the-go students.

This guide for best practices while on the road is great for sharing with new teen drivers!

You may not be as jazzed about safety as you are about experiencing an incredible live show, but you can't have one without the other!

Planning on camping with your pets this summer? These tips will help you be safe and maximize the fun!

These ideas may be exactly what you need to keep your home cool in the summer without over-relying on your air conditioner!

We are switching out shoveling snow with another household chore: mowing the lawn! Make sure you ar