Social Media Marketing isn't Just One and Done

Unlike a crockpot meal, you can't just "set it and forget it" with social media marketing. I mean, you can, but that probably won't yield positive results. One of the biggest pitfalls marketers make when they manage an agency's social presence is being inconsistent. The other one is lack of conversation. And when those two things join forces, the outcome isn't good. Social media managers who get trapped by this will post once or twice for a week, then drop off until a major holiday rolls around to wish their audience a Happy Halloween or St. Patty's Day. Not a big surprise that social media doesn't "work" for them. Here are three ways to help you be consistent and conversational in your social media marketing efforts.

  1. Plan ahead and commit.

    There isn't a fool-proof, methodical guide to how often you should post, per channel, and per industry, but social activity is typically more frequent around lunchtime and 8:00 PM (in your time zone). Whether you decide to Tweet five times a day, three days a week, or post to Facebook once a day, every single day, we recommend you commit to it. Take a spreadsheet or calendar and write down your schedule and daily topics. This way, you'll be prepared! Need help coming up with topics? Check out our Social Media Calendar. We've filled in each day with a topic that you can research on your own or share from our own Facebook Page the day-of.

  2. Start a conversation (and keep it going!)

    Here at Foremost®, we encourage independent agency marketers to put the social back in social media! Chat with your customers, get to know what they like, and reply to them when they reach out. But, you can't do any of this if you don't post engaging content. Your content is a conversation piece. Your posts, Tweets, Instagrams, etc. shouldn't be just an announcement. When you create your content (or borrow ours from the Social Media Suitcase™ content library) be sure to include a call-to-action. Invite your audience to share their opinion, experience, tips, or feedback. Which post do you think will generate engagement?

    When you ask a question or invite a viewer to do something, there's a better chance they'll interact with you on your Page. When people interact on your Page or other social media platforms, it boosts your presence in the algorithm which ultimately draws others to your page as well. Remember, people "follow" and "like" brands and their stories for a reason. They want to see, learn, hear, be informed, inspired, or entertained. Give your audience something to look forward to each time they scroll their feeds.

  3. Analyze, adjust, and change as needed.

    Once you've published content through your social media channels for a consistent month, look up analytics to see how your content performed. Ask yourself questions like, "Did photos work better than video? Does posting at 11:30 AM right before lunch garner better engagement than at 2:30 PM? Does your audience love when you post about how your agency gets involved with the community?" A large part of social media marketing is getting to know your audience better. Take advantage of Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics to learn about your audience demographics. We recommend you get into a habit of analyzing social media performance regularly so you can understand what's resonating with your digital community.

Social media marketing is all about relationship building, and relationships take time and energy to grow. If this sounds like too much dedicated time, don't be afraid to ask for help from others in your agency! For more help on social media marketing and digital tactics, check out our new e-Book.

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